Business opportunities for parts stores

By joining the network of Vast-Auto Distribution members, you benefit from the many advantages offered by Parts City.

The North American guarantee program, roadside assistance, guaranteed inventories, annual return of unsold inventory, volume rebates, direct purchase and warehousing program, and the latest in computerized systems are only a few of the advantages available to you.

Business opportunities for service centers and repair shops

The business environment of service centers and repair shops is very competitive. Knowing out to succeed, alone, may be an almost impossible task. That’s why Vast-Auto Distribution offers you the option to join not just one but four banners : Parts City/Certified Auto Repair, M 360 Mechanic, Auto Mécano and OCTO Auto Service Plus.

Each of these banners has its own culture and offers all the necessary tools to succeed, whether you own a small regional business or a series of big service centers. Joining us means owning your own business, but associated with the strength of a well-established network that no longer has to prove itself.

Occasions d’affaires pour centres de services et garages

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